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30 June 2022

Should I hire a drone photographer for my real estate listings?

Real estate photography is an essential part of marketing your home. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract potential buyers. The right images will increase the value of your listing and make it more appealing to future buyers. When you have pictures taken by a professional, they can act as a digital showcase for your home that’ll help it stand out from the other properties in the area. If you’re selling your first home or preparing to list yours for the first time, every detail counts. Hiring a real estate photographer who understands what they're shooting can make all the difference between a listing that doesn't sell and one that attracts multiple offers quickly. It’s likely that you’ll get more than one opportunity to sell your house so it’s imperative that everything about the property is showcased in the best possible way. Here are some good reasons why hiring a real estate photographer is a smart idea:

The right real estate photography makes your home stand out

The best real estate photography is unique, high-quality, and professional. One of the most important components of a real estate photographer is their ability to understand the home they're photographing. For example, if you have an open concept living room with lots of natural light, a good real estate photographer would know how to capture those details in a way that will help potential buyers fall in love with it. The right images can make your listing stand out from the rest and be more appealing to future buyers.

It shows what’s included in the listing

The right images can make your listing stand out to buyers. When potential buyers see what’s included in the property, they’ll be more likely to view it as a good value. You can highlight features of your home that you want to show buyers, such as the garage or pool. It can help you with staging your home before you list it. A photographer who is used to working with real estate will know exactly how to arrange furniture and decorate a space so that it looks its best for prospective buyers.

It gives potential buyers a sense of what they’ll get when they move in

Having a professional take photos of your home gives potential buyers a sense of what they might be getting. A professional will not only capture the best angles but also make sure that you have an ample amount of pictures taken at different times of day. Additionally, they’ll help ensure that every angle is captured and that nothing gets missed.

It boosts your property's market value

Real estate photography is an investment into the success of your property. It’s likely that you’ll get more than one opportunity to sell your house so it’s important that everything about the property is showcased in the best possible way.

It helps you attract more interest from agents and real estate clients

A professional photographer is also a great way to show potential buyers what your home could look like if they decide to purchase it. The photographer will be able to capture the interior and exterior aspects of your property in a way that makes them feel more comfortable about making an offer. The professionalism that comes with hiring a real estate photographer creates a sense of credibility. Agents, who are always on the hunt for properties, can take the time to view your listing because they know you’ve made every effort to make it attractive to potential buyers.

Hiring a photographer can be costly. However, there are pros and cons to working with an agent or individual photographer. Here's why you should hire an agent instead.

If you hire an agent, they will take care of everything from marketing to photography. They will handle the booking, payment and even processing of the photos for you. This saves you time and money in the long run because it's a one-time fee instead of ongoing costs. If you have specific questions about what type of photography might work best for your home or if there are any limitations that need to be met, having an agent who has experience with real estate photography can help you make decisions. An agent also has access to discounts on photo books and other digital media that can help promote your property throughout the process. This means more exposure for your listing! There’s no doubt that hiring a photographer is costly, but it may not be as expensive as hiring an agent. The savings in time and money should offset some of these costs so it’s always worth asking around for rates before making a decision.