There are a few added benefits of becoming a Premier Client at Villa Views. Certainly, you'll retain all the ability to book all of our services and have our dedication to making your business grow, but you'll also enjoy these benefits:

1. We lower the price for the first tier of real estate photos from our normal $175 down to $150. So on smaller properties, you'll keep that much more in your pocket.

2. We give you FREE access to a reputation management system. This is all about getting you more 5-STAR REVIEWS. These services typically cost anywhere from $80 to $250 per month... not year - month. That's a great perk!

At the end of the day, we're here to ensure that you look good, and your business grows, so our business grows. So we humbly invite you to stick around, become a PREMIER CLIENT at Villa Views and let's grow together.

Premier Client Benefits

We love to reward loyalty and give back as much as we can. So we have added a Premier Client status. There are two main ways to step into a Premier Client role, and they are as follows:

1. Have us as your service provider for a year or more, and we work with you regularly. You'll be automatically moved up to a Premier Client.

2. Be part of a Broker Account. This requires 5 or more realtors from your office to join as our clients at the same time. A unique group will be created and a Broker (or group admin) can be assigned if you wish. All realtors of the group instantly become Premier Clients.

Premier Clients

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