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Who are we? Simple, we're two brothers that just want to do something amazing together. All while showing love and support to our local communities that we care so much about.

We taking our own path. An aerial one.

Cameron - The younger of us.

At the ripe age of 36 and after a back surgery, Cameron came to me and wanted change in his life. He wanted something that he had grown a passion for and most importantly (to me) he wanted his big brother to be involved.

Drone photos and real estate photography. 

He just needed a change.

I get it. We all can feel like the mundane is just that, mundane. I love knowing that he confided in me to help shape his future... hell, our future. 

It is an honor to call you, brother.

So now we're shaping our legacy together and excited where the road leads.

The road will lead to great adventures!


Sean - The not-so-younger of us.

My story is a little different. I've been in the photography world for 15+ years. My plan was to not to land here but it's fascinating how life laughs at you when you think that you have it all figured out.


I was serving in the Air Force when an unfortunate fall lead to a life changing back injury. We're not throwing a pity party here but just know that through lots of pain and struggle, I pulled myself up by my shoestrings to launch a business that I am very proud of and been holding down for many years now.


Our new adventure together is sure to tighten the bond that we share. Not only are we brothers, but great friends and reliable to one another. Put your faith in these two brothers, we sure do.



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